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  2. 「香港學校音樂及朗誦協會」發出的未成功提供影片名單, 請盡快提交錄影片段及留意  PDF檔案內容。

  3. 此資料為截至2020年11月26日中午12時,不包括2020年11月26日中午12時後所提交的   資料。


  1. 報名日期提交程序

  2. 影片規格

  3. 公布結果
    資料來源: 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會 

  4. 常見問題 (FAQ)
    資料來源: 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會 https://www.hksmsa.org.hk/tc/?page_id=3895
    香港學校音樂及朗誦協會 提供熱線查詢電話 : 9189 9367/ 9532 7304


  1. 中文朗誦項目


  2. 英文朗誦項目
    有關 Prose Reading 及 Public Speaking Solo 之改動如下。
    5. Changes to Specific Classes
    5.1 Prose Reading Classes (U/E/K/Y 158-175)
    An extract from the set pieces will be announced on the Association website from 10:00 a.m.
    on 2 November 2020. Competitors should video-record the extract accordingly.
    5.2 Public Speaking Solo Classes (N195-196)
    No Question & Answer session will be held for these classes. Competitors are only required to present
    their prepared speech in the video.


  3. Syllabus Amendment

  • The Speech Festival Syllabus does not incorporate the information given in this Syllabus Amendment. Members / Competitors are strongly advised to read the Syllabus together with the amendments.

  • Class
    U / E / K / Y 40
    Solo Verse Speaking, Non-Open - Secondary 2, Girls
    What’s my Name? by Roger Stevens

  • Amendment
    Line 4 of the poem should be:
    In your maths book I'm the page of sums where every

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